“He shall feed His flock like a shepherd: He shall gather the lambs with His arm and carry them in His bosom, and shall gently lead those that are with young. “ 
(Isaiah 40:11)

Consignors - Pick-up

  • Activity Center Doors will be shut and locked until we are ready for pick up. 
  • You are responsible for picking up your unsold, un-donated items after the sale ends. This will PROBABLY be between 3:00 and 4:00PM. But could be as early as 2:30 or as late as 5:00. We are sorry about the inconvenience of this but it all depends on how quickly we are able to tear the sale down and how much help we have.
  • No items may leave the activity center until ALL inventory has been completely sorted. So if you happen to arrive and we are not done with teardown, we will ask you to help.
  • Sometimes tags fall off and cannot be matched with an item. While we do everything we can to prevent loss, there are unfortunately times when items go missing.
  • If you are working the teardown shift, you will be expected to remain for the entire shift to help with pick up and put all supplies away.
  • Watch for an email AND a REMIND on Saturday. As soon as we are ready, an email/text is sent out letting you know to come pick up your items. You will have one hour from the time of the text/email to get your items. MAKE SURE YOUR ALTERNATE PICK UP PERSON IS ON REMIND.
  • We start making reminder phone calls 30 minutes before the pick up deadline to make sure everyone got the email or the remind. 
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Welcome to COTL

  • All consignors must sign up for a designated time to drop off their tagged items prior to the sale. Times are assigned in 20-30 minute slots to give you some flexibility in the time you arrive.
  • You will sign-in first at the drop off table.
  • DO NOT BRING IN EVERYTHING AT ONCE. We need to keep the floor and entrance way clear so we will be asking you to bring in one box/container at a time.
  • Items without tags will NOT be accepted. Please do not show up without making sure all tags are already attached.


  • Then you will load 1-2 boxes of your NON-CLOTHING items into a shopping cart and bring them in to be checked at the tables. Please have every box/bin labeled with your current number and name.
  • While a worker checks your non-clothing items, you will hang up clothing items on the racks by gender and size. 
  • Once you are finished hanging your clothing, check with the table workers to make sure all your non-clothing items have been checked. Get any additional items in your vehicle and continue the same process.
  • Any non-clothing items that are not accepted will have to be taken home the same day as your drop off. Hung clothing items will be checked on Wednesday and Thursday morning. Unaccepted clothing items will be placed in your bin you leave with us. You will be responsible for picking up those items at preshopping or before Friday noon. Any items left after noon on Friday will be marked for $1 and placed on our AS IS Rack on Saturday. Double check that all your bins/ boxes have been checked.


  •  Upon arrival for your drop off appointment, please fill only 1 shopping cart or bring in only 1 bin at a time. A worker will direct you to a check in station. The workers will check your items as you wait. Items that are approved will be put on the floor in the correct spot(you are welcome to help put accepted items out to help speed up the process). Items that are not accepted will be returned to you. Once the first bin is checked, you will be asked to get the next bin. This process will continue until all your items have been checked by the same worker. 
  • Please do not stand over the worker and question every decision they are making.

We have the option of not selling any item that does not meet our sale standards.

If you are sending someone else to pick up your unsold items and check, you will need to bring a filled-out copy of the Alternate Seller Pick Up  with you to your Drop Off. Make sure this person signs up for our REMIND to be notified of exact pick up time. Please tell your pick up person to bring their ID.

Help Spread the Word- Print our current sale flier and share: 

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Consignors - Drop-off

Any unclaimed items that remain after the sale ends that have not been picked up by 4:00* PM will be donated. (*or whenever 1 hour after the pick up email/text was sent)

Drop Off and Pick Up