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Welcome to COTL

“He shall feed His flock like a shepherd: He shall gather the lambs with His arm and carry them in His bosom, and shall gently lead those that are with young. “ 
(Isaiah 40:11)

Questions? Contact us at Lillambscloset03@gmail.com

$10.00 OFF

When you spend $100.00

Bring or show this coupon at checkout at the Lil' Lambs Closet Sale and you will get $10.00 deducted from your total at checkout when your total is $100.00 or more.

Only one coupon per customer/transaction. 

Accepted at COTL Lil' Lambs Closet Sale

August 9-10, 2024

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 Become a Consignor

Registration will open on June 18th at 5 PM!!!

Consignors earn 70% of the sale price of their sold items

$10 non-refundable registration fee for each clothing sale

$7 non-refundable registration fee for the toy sale 


July 28th at 11 PM

*NEW**  at least 25 items must be active by July 16 or you will be removed from consigning..

Eight Steps to Being a Successful Lil' Lambs Closet Consignor 

1.  REGISTER to sell

2.  REGISTER for a drop off time

  • Drop off will take 20 - 30 minutes. We HIGHLY suggest signing up for a drop off appointment that is DURING your work shift. Please do not sign up for an evening drop off appointment unless you have no other option. Don't worry about having to drop off with your children in tow, we will help you get your items dropped off as quickly as possible. 

​3.  REGISTER for at least one work shift

  • All consignors MUST work at least 1 shift for the sales in August and March.  If you work at least 2 shifts, you will get to shop during an earlier pre-shopping slot.  If you work at least 3 shifts you will either receive a $10 shopping voucher or be reimbursed your registration fee (your choice.)  Preshopping details are on the Volunteer page.
  • The November sale works the same, with one exception.  The first 15 consignors to send an email to LilLambsCloset03@gmail.com requesting to OPT OUT of working a shift can do so for a $10 fee. The fee will be taken out of the consignor's check. The opt out option is ONLY available for the Toy Sale. 
  • If you fail to show up for your assigned workshift without prior notice, you will lose your pre-shopping privileges, be charged $15 (deducted from your final check) PLUS be put on the prohibited seller list. If you can't make your shift, we expect you to pick up a different shift. We rely on our volunteers to help us run a successful sale! ​

4.  SIGN UP for Remind to receive text or email reminders concerning lost tags, missing items, pick up time, etc. If you are having someone else pick up your unsold items after the sale, make sure that person signs up also. The Remind distribution will be reset for each sale so you must sign up again for every sale. Text @lillambs24 to 81010.

5.  PREPARE your items for sale 

​​​6.  ENTER your inventory into the system. 

  • Begin by activating inventory that did not sell in previous sales.  Carefully verify that you are only choosing items in categories that will be accepted in this sale.  
  • Enter items new to the sale using DETAILED descriptions following the instructions on the Prep & Pricing page.
  • If you wish to sell more than 200 items, you may email Lillambscloset03@gmail.com to request an additional 200 spots to be opened. This will cost $5 which will be deducted from your check at the conclusion of the sale. There is a maximum of 400 items allowed per seller and only the first 25 requesters will be approved. You must have your first 200 items fully entered before requesting more. (If you register a second seller number instead, you will be required to work at least two shifts, register for two drop offs, and pay the $10 registration fee for both numbers. You will not be allowed to combine your shifts to pre-shop at an earlier time.) ​ 

7.  Drop Off your inventory during your appointment time.

  • Sign in before unloading any items.
  • Take up to 2 boxes of items to your assigned table
  • Each item will need to be checked while you wait. Please do not stand by the table while your items are being checked. Sit on the steps and bring in more items as you see them finishing your current items. 
  • Leave 1 laundry basket-sized bin in the narthex (2 if you are selling more than 200 items.)  Find your seller number papers on the floor. Tape one copy to the exterior of each of the short sides of your bin (unless you are donating all unsold items.)
  • Sign out when done  

8.  Pick Up your unsold items and your check at the end of the sale

  • WAIT for the Remind email/text to come get your unsold items. (DO NOT text or email us asking when we will be ready.  If you come early, either stay in your vehicle or be prepared to help.)
  • Arrive within 1 hour of text being SENT.
  • You must sign for your unsold items and check BEFORE taking your items.
  • Double check that all bags/bins are yours before leaving.
  • ALL items left after the hour time frame WILL BE DONATED.
  • ​DO NOT cash your check until after the Wednesday after the sale.