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Welcome to COTL

“He shall feed His flock like a shepherd: He shall gather the lambs with His arm and carry them in His bosom, and shall gently lead those that are with young. “ 
(Isaiah 40:11)
  • The better it looks, the better it sells, the more you can charge!
  • Clean, Clean, Clean!  Clean the inside, outside, topside, underside, all sides!
  •  All battery operated items must have working batteries.
  • Any plastic bags used to contain items should also be clean and able to zip close! Please make sure you are using the correct size bag. Ziplock bags are available in sizes up to 2 Gallons at most stores. DO NOT TAPE BAGS OR BOXES SHUT AS WE HAVE TO OPEN EACH ITEM. 
    • ALL INVENTORY MUST BE IN THE SYSTEM NO LATER THAN March 1st AT 11PM. Do not wait until the last minute to enter your inventory. You can enter a few items at a time and come back to finish later if needed. The system will automatically turn off on March 1st at 11pm. You can still print tags after that but no inventory can be changed or added after that. Failure to enter inventory by then will result in being placed on the prohibited to sell list for future sales. We have a waiting list each time and by not entering inventory, you take a spot that someone else could have used it. Your registration fee is also nonrefundable.
  • If an item is too large to bring to the sale, create a poster about your item.
  • Take colored pictures from all angles.
  • Include a contact number for the buyer to call to arrange picking up the item.
  • Create and attach a tag to the poster.



Lesser Brands
$2 - $4
Good Brands
$3 - $6
Better Brands
$4 - $10
30%-40% of 
price paid
New with Tags
up to 50% 
of price paid

  • Print  tags on WHITE cardstock. 
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: If the bar code on the tag prints out slightly blurred, it will not scan properly and that really slows down our check-out process. You will know by looking at it.  It needs to be clean and crisp. Please try cleaning the printer (using the printer's maintenance routine) before printing tags.  Printing one tag to test it is always a good idea to check quality and the correct sizing. Contact us if you are having difficulty.
  • Safety-pin tags to costumes and hang costumes on hangers.   Please do not use a tagging gun to attach tags.
  • Securely tape tags to any non-clothing items that cannot be pinned.
  • Make sure tags are as flat as possible to make them easier to scan. Using clear packing tape can help with this.
  • Affix tags to non-clothing items so that you are not blocking any essential parts that a buyer should be able to see.

Cleaning Tips

Use Magic Eraser to get rid of crayon, scuff marks, permanent marker, pen marks, & paint rubs.

Use Rubbing Alcohol or Goo Gone to remove sticky stuff.

Use a toothpick to get into corners or clean edges.

Even if it looks clean - clean it anyway!

Consignors - Tagging - General

Large Items

Preparing Items

Descriptions created are for office use to reunite a lost tag with an item. They are not for the buyer so please DO NOT say: NEW w/ tags, Only worn twice, etc. and do not have a size in the description line.

Descriptions need BRAND, COLOR, ITEM - for example: Nike Blue shorts w/ gray stripe or Easton black football cleats or 3 Judy Moody Books (Stink/Water/Grade)

Use the checklist to make sure you are preparing items correctly. 


for your use only!!!

We plan to continue the spacing we used at the last two sales. THERE WILL BE LIMITS ON THE NUMBER OF ITEMS FOR EACH CATEGORY. We highly suggest getting your inventory entered early to insure you don't get closed out of certain categories.

  • A general rule-of-thumb is to price items 25-35% of original cost, depending on condition and brand.
  • Consider what you would be willing to pay for the item at a similar sale.
  • Check out Craigslist or EBay to see what similar items are selling for.
  • If you have several similar small items, group and sell them together.
  • If in doubt, price lower.  If you price too high, the item won't sell.
  • When entering your items, the more detail in your description, 
  • the better.  This will help the buyers and also help us to locate an item or re-tag in case a tag falls off. Include Brand name first in the description even if you have to abbreviate it. (Example: CP 2pc blue/green pants/shirt w/ trucks) CP means Children's Place
  • DO NOT make a general description (i.e. shirt or puzzle). It is impossible to unite a lost tag with this description.
  • Also choose to donate any unsold items - it gives you satisfaction in knowing your items are going to a good cause AND there's less to pick up!  THERE IS NO DISCOUNT DAY FOR THE TOY SALE THOUGH!

You can price your items as you see fit, but here are some tips...



Consignors - First Step - Preparation

All clothing must be on hangers (any kind) with the hook facing to the left.

Tagging – Books, DVDs, Music CDs

  • Most other items can have the tag taped to the item using clear tape (clear wide shipping/packaging tape is best). Blue painter's tape is not allowed - it comes off too easily.
  • If an item has many parts, print only ONE tag for the item but list how many parts in the description. Then attach your own note that has your consignor number, the item number listed on the original tag, and which number part it is (2 of 6, 3 of 6, etc). DO NOT put a price on these additional tags.
  • If there are small parts or parts that can get separated, please bag the small parts and attach to the larger/main piece with packing tape or a ziptie. 
  • DO NOT bring shoes in boxes, we will throw the boxes out.
  • Plan to set up cribs/pack-n-plays, etc. The more the buyers see, the better the items sell.

Tagging - Other items

Help Spread the Word- Print our current sale flier and share: 

  • Place accessories in a Ziplock bag and attach over the hanger. Pin the bag to the clothing. Make sure your description includes the accessories and put an additional note in the accessory bag with your consignor number and the item number in case this bag gets separated from the piece of clothing.
  • Attach tags using safety pins  - no staples or straight pins and no tagging guns. Safety pins should go through the tag two times in a horizontal manner. DO NOT PUNCH ANY HOLES IN THE TAGS WITH A HOLE PUNCH. ONLY PUSH THE PIN THROUGH THE TAG IN THE TWO SPOTS INDICATED ON THE TAG.
  • Pinned tags must be placed on the upper FRONT right side (as you are looking at it) of the garment. NOT ON THE SHOULDER.
  • It is BEST to not put books or DVDs in bags. Put the tags directly on the book or DVD. Tape the tag to the back of the book or DVD if it will not harm the cover.
  • Books often have a UPC code on the back - PLEASE COVER the original UPC code with your tag if at all possible.
  • If selling a group of books or DVDs, put them in a clean plastic bag and then tape the tag to the plastic bag. Make sure your description has the number in the bag along with the titles. Multiple books and DVDs tend to get separated from each other and we have no way of getting them in the correct spot.  PLEASE SNIP A SMALL CORNER OFF OF THE BOTTOM OF THE BAG TO RELEASE THE AIR.
  • Wide clear packaging/shipping tape is preferred. Blue painter's tape is not allowed - it comes off too easily.
  • DO NOT TAPE DVDS or bags shut. We have to check every title and every item in bags.
Please see the link UNDER the password box if you are a new volunteer
  • Tags must be clearly visible once the item is on a hanger.
  • Pants and skirts need to be on pant hangers or preferably pinned to the top of a regular hanger. DO NOT fold pants over the cross bar or pin to the bottom bar.
  • When selling multiple items together, hang the main piece on the hanger and pin the other pieces securely to that main piece. DO NOT use multiple hangers and rubberbands as they get separated too easily.
  • Shoes should NOT be in boxes but in Ziplock bags IF THEY CAN FIT IN A BAG. Tape the tag to the bag. PLEASE SNIP A SMALL CORNER OFF OF THE BOTTOM OF THE BAG TO RELEASE THE AIR
  • Shoes should be zip-tied together through the lace holes if they are too big to fit in a bag. DO NOT MAKE THE TIE EXTREMELY TIGHT. WE NEED TO BE ABLE TO MANIPULATE THE SHOES TO FIT ON THE RACKS CORRECTLY. Make sure the tag can be zip-tied, pinned or tapped on securely.

Tagging – Clothes/Costumes

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Canton, Ohio 44718​

Consignors - Pricing Tips - General

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Teenage Girl clothing should be sized with Jr. TEEN GIRL sizes and Teenage Boy Clothing should be sized with YOUNG MEN sizes.

SPORT SHOES must indicate the sport in the description. 

Clothing w/ multiple sizes like 3-6 mos, 8-10, etc. List in SMALLEST Size.