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“He shall feed His flock like a shepherd: He shall gather the lambs with His arm and carry them in His bosom, and shall gently lead those that are with young. “ 
(Isaiah 40:11)
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Due to the recommendations and mandates with COVID, we are focused to limit several things for the March 2021 sale. Please take a moment to read over these and let us know if you have any questions. 

We will be providing several different zoom sessions for questions and answers in the next few weeks. Please watch your email for those dates. We will also post them here as they are scheduled. 

1. Inventory- all items are getting a cap. Once the number of items is entered in the category, the category will be closed. For example, in a normal sale, we offer around 1,300 books. At this sale, books will be limited to 500. That means if you are trying to enter a book into the system after the limit has been met, you will be unable to find the category. Your book will need to wait until the August sale. Because of this restriction, we are asking that you enter no more than 5 copies of the same title. The earlier you enter your inventory, the better chance you have at getting all your items in. 

2. Acceptable categories are also being redone. For example, at this sale, we WILL NOT be accepting room decorations, DVDs, breast pumps, formal wear, maternity clothing, costumes, or bags of any type such as bookbags, lunchboxes, computer cases, etc.

3. Items allowed within categories is also being limited. Hair/hat/accessories will not allow for any purses, bags or scarves this sale. 

4. If you are selling pack-n-plays/cribs, please provide a COLOR picture of the item (or email it to us and we will print in color and have it waiting for you). It will need to be set up for us to check it in but then it will be put back in the bag for the sale floor to save space. Attach the color photo and tag to the bag.

5. Sport pants/pads need an actual clothing size- NOT S, M, L as they will be put in with the actual clothing instead of having their own area like in the past.  The same is true for dance wear. We will accept items that are designed to be worn during a regular class practice such as leotards, skirts, etc. Recital costumes will not be allowed. (If you are activating an item from your old inventory, you may hand write the size on the tag)

6. Consider prioritizing your items for the best return on your time especially considering we have to limit the number of items! Think hard about sellability- people are looking for true spring and summer clothing.  Think about clothing for May-August when picking your items for clothing or shoes. Clothing sizes for 12 and under sell much better than teen. Similarly, books for teens and parents do not sell as well as books for younger children.

7. Everyone is allowed up to 200 items to start. If you would like to purchase another 200, send an email and we will put you on a list based on first come first serve. YOU MUST ALREADY HAVE 200 ITEMS IN YOUR ACTIVE INVENTORY TO REQUEST MORE. February 1, we will start opening those extra spots for those requests. We will only allow 30 of those unless we find we have extra room. 

We ask that you not argue with our volunteers concerning when an item is declined. We assure you that we would like to have all of your items offered in this sale. However, we are forced to make cuts in order to ensure everyone's safety and we hope to be back to full capacity in August. We can't thank you enough for your underestanding.